Here's another good beginner's
lesson in ventriloquism:


Right-click the link below
and "save as…" to download to your computer.

NOTE: These mp3 files are highly compressed
with Mp3Pro.
Some players (like Windows Media Player)
play them better than others.

The entire album is downloadable in a .zip file
that includes separate mp3s for each track.

Nelson Album Zipfile  -  12 megabytes

Track List below (list also included in zipfile)

Band 1 - The First Lesson
Position of the Mouth
The Beginner's, or Simple, Alphabet

Band 2 - The Difficult Letters
The Letter B

Band 3 - The Letter F

Band 4 - The Letter M

Band 5 - The Letter P

Band 6 - The Letter V

Band 7 - The Letters W and Y

Band 8 - Review and The Ventriloquial Voice

Band 9 - The Last Lesson

Bands 10-13 - Instant Ventriloquism (Open-Ended Practice Routines)
Routine for Danny O'Day
Routine for Farfel
Routine for Danny O'Day and Farfel
(The printed scripts originally included with the album have not survived).

This album is long out-of-print (1964, according to some sources).
If anybody knows different, please let me know.

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